Women gathering at homecoming, Sabbath, March 24 2018.

The first Seventh-day Adventist school north of Albany had its start in Dublin, near South Bay Village, in 1936 when Mr. and Mrs. George Furman contributed their child’s play house for Christian Education.

In 1937 the school was located in Welsh Hollow. Then from 1948 to 1954 school was held on Mud Street in Hudson Falls. In 1954 two separate locations were required to accommodate all the pupils. In addition to Mud Street School, classes were also held at the home of Howard and Esther Wilson in Fort Ann.

When a three room public school in Glens Falls came up for sale, church members bid on the building and bought it. This little school on Dix Avenue became the first church-owned school and was dedicated on December 9, 1956.

The present facility was constructed in 1970-1971, and is situated on a hill just north of the Hamlet of Kingsbury. When built, it consisted of four classrooms, a library, office, kitchen, garage, gymnasium, and storage rooms. In 1984, the congregation added a church sanctuary and other rooms, such as bathrooms and hallway on the south end, thus completing a complex dedicated to the service of God.