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Kingsbury SDA School.


Our school participates in the Clynk bottle recycling program through Hannaford.  Get a green bag from the school, fill it with bottles, put the bar code sticker on the bag and return it to the Clynk drop at your local Hannaford!  The school gets a quarterly check from Clynk.  As of April, 2018, the school has benefitted from at least $300 in donated bottles!


Our school participates in the AmeriGas School Days program, which has been designed by Amerigas to enable local schools to receive up to $2,000 of donations per school year from AmeriGas. By simply collecting and submitting your AmeriGas propane receipts to the school office or your child’s class, Kingsbury SDA School earns $.02 for every gallon on the receipts. From families who attend the school and faculty who work there to local businesses, any donated receipts can really add up! Since there is no minimum gallon requirement, anything collected will benefit the participating school. Turn gallons into dollars and use those dollars to enhance your children’s education.maximum of $2,000 per year)

The school is eligible to purchase items for any school-related need with funds earned from the AmeriGas School Days program. We have purchased books, computers, sports equipment, art materials, and other supplies as a result of your collecting and submitting receipts!

To learn more, please contact the school office or your local AmeriGas office.